Loving Insights intuitive readings

A Loving Insights intuitive readings is a way to open your perspective to a wider wisdom on your life, one that helps you to see the beauty and balance woven through even a seemingly difficult time.

If you would like to receive a short Loving Insights reading, I am happy to include it with each of your counseling sessions.

How can I hear Loving Insights?

A wonderful way is to receive a ‘Sharing Session.’

A Sharing Session is when you set a time with me, in person or by phone, to ask questions and have the loving spirit share answers with you.  This is done by my connecting with the Divine within me, and allowing that loving spirit to share its perspective on your questions with you.  You can connect with me, by phone or in person, for a ‘Sharing Session.’  During this session, you can ask the questions you have.  You might:

  • Ask for Divine Guidance
  • Gain clarity into patterns in your life
  • Understand what you seek in your heart
  • See your situation through the eyes of love, understanding, truth, forgiveness and healing

A Sharing Session is different from a channeling or a psychic reading.  It is not about foretelling your future.  A Sharing Session is the opportunity to join with God and receive divine guidance, communication and healing.  It is the opportunity for you to understand what you seek in your heart, ask for divine communication and guidance, and receive Spirit’s replies so you can be restored to your Right-Mind and see your situation, challenges and experiences through God’s eyes – through the eyes of forgiveness, love, peace, truth, understanding and wisdom.

The purpose of this divine voice within us is to restore each of us to the awareness of God – the awareness of our True Divine Nature and Self.  During your Sharing session, you will likely feel anew the love of God for you, leading to a new sense of deep peace.

Sharing Sessions are done in person or via Skype or conference call.  Your session can be recorded so that you can listen to it again and again, to receive deeper insights into your questions.

Sharing sessions are $110 per hour, prorated.

PayPal accepted.